My name is Amanda Barlow and I offer one to one singing lessons at my home in Lincolnshire. Or, for your convenience, online, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Both have seen great results for my customers.

The human voice and singing is a beautiful form of self expression and with the right training anyone can learn to sing well and with confidence. Including you!

All my lessons are individually customised. So, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student, the journey you and your voice will enter into will be totally unique to you.  It will boost your confidence but will also surprise and inspire you.

  • Beginners welcomed

  • Practice for performance

  • Learn at the students pace

Learn to Sing!

Learn to sing wherever you are!

Why not consider learning to sing in the comfort of your own home. I deliver lessons on line, on the following platforms:

  • Zoom 

  • Video Messenger

  • Skype

  • Video WhatsApp

I can offer support to set up your lesson at home if needed, just ask and I will be happy to give you all the tips you need.

Learning Methodology...

What to expect!


Whether you're new to singing lessons or a more advanced singer, if you are serious about singing, I will help you achieve your goals. 

My main goal is to ensure you feel at ease and comfortable during the sessions. So please feel reassured you will be learning in a safe and friendly environment. Furthermore, I make the lessons fun and centred around your needs, for example you choose the songs we sing. Plus you can focus on what you feel you are not achieving in your delivery and what genre you are aiming to perfect.

Alongside guidance on vocal technique, we will also help you develop confidence, which you will be able to apply to other areas of  your life.

Seeing the whole person


My vocal coaching lessons are more than just singing techniques and ideas...

Our voice is an individual and unique part of us that helps us communicate with the world around us, which we can use to convey thoughts and feelings. However, it is also a fragile instrument and can be easily disturbed by mental imbalance.

Alongside teaching fundamentals of singing my vocal coaching approach will help you overcome tension, relieve stress, and regain composure. These will help you become a more confident singer and speaker.


Individual needs


During the singing lessons you and I will focus on your individual needs. You have control over what songs we sing and I can provide song suggestions, should you wish, that would benefit your needs, in terms of the vocal development that you are looking for.


We will continually discuss your vocal goals and needs as you progress on your journey. This will all be undertaken at a pace that suits you.

This means you are an active participants throughout all of your vocal training. 

This methodology offers flexibility and provides excellent overall results. It inspires confidence, which is a cornerstone for great performance and a useful skill for all aspects of life.

Learn how to sing freely and with confidence...

  • I will take you through a simple structured warm up.

  • Help you to understanding the benefits of good breath support.

  • We will practice regularly correct posture to help improve your tonal quality.

  • Learn the fundamentals of resonance and vocal placement .

  • Practice what to listen for to support singing in tune.

  • Learn musical notation, develop musical understanding.

  • Sing freely through problem areas until you feel confident to stretch your abilities.

  • Work on voice tone, dynamic and quality using different songs of your choice.

More about singing...

  • How to use your voice to produce multiple singing styles, be it rock, opera, jazz, musical theatre, pop and many others.

  • How to interpret lyrics and understand the lyrical and music relationship.

  • Become a master at communicating the meanings of songs and being in touch with your emotional side when delivering a soulful performance.

  • How to make your dreams and visions of being a singer a reality, whether you want to perform in a band in a choir or musical theatre.

  • How to write your first song and make it memorable, fun and of high quality.